Third Week – YogaMOOC

     Well! we already have three weeks in the training course the “Science and Practice of Yoga” – #YogaMOOC.  This third week was really very nice for me, since we started reviewing some findings about impact of Yoga on the mind and body. As a person coming from the scientific side, in case you didn’t know I studied a degree in Pharmacy, I love to see the recognition in medicine and science that there is something worth in Yoga that requires looking at more carefully.  Even though I recognize that people starting doing Yoga does not require any scientific support to see the impact of this in their lives.

    The scientific study of Yoga seems not to be an easy task.  There are different ways of viewing and practicing Yoga, several schools coming from any of the 4 streams of yoga (Jnana-knowledge, Bhaki-Devotion, Karma-selfness work or Raja-technique).  Moreover, yoga is a discipline that includes different parts or techniques to work mind and body.  For example, the use of Mantras to focus the attention and control the mind or the some breathing techniques or Prânâyâmas, the Meditation techniques to control mind or yoga postures or Asanas to keep a healthy body, etc.  It is possible to separate the different techniques and evaluate each one individually to see the benefits (as they are seen in different studies), but as a whole, the evaluation of Yoga requires more holistics research techniques.  Catherine Spann introduced the Wester and Eastern perspective about science and how they now are recognizing each other. Still more science to come and this is a good point.  I’ll share some learnings on this matter soon.



     For this week, the journal assigment or “off the mat” activity, that we need to share with all of you, was to make a reflection on our goal for the training course.  In the post “Reflections on First Week YogaMOOC”  I shared my GOAL, that is: I would like to know more about the science behind Yoga and to experience other teacher’s classes to improve my practices and also continue learning to be a better instructor.  I think the goal covers all my interest of curiosity, learning and motivation.  I want to be a good yoga teacher and for this I would love to go deeper on the study of it.  Also, it satisfies my need of science involved in the espiritual area.  It is personally meaningful for me.

    More to come! Thanks for staying and looking forward to share learnings on yoga, coaching and something more!


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